Damien Kleyn


Skill: Autobody Repair
Region: Perth South
Training Provider: John Calvin Cristian College
Employer: Cronic Customs
Mentor: Brendon Meinck

Damien’s father was a metal fabricator, and Damien’s passion for cars started when he was toddler. He began an apprenticeship making custom cars with Cronic Customs in 2013 after he did work experience there while at school. His TAFE teacher, Brendon Meinck, knew the quality of Damien’s skills with metal fabrication and recommended he enter the World Skills competition.

“At the TAFE they had a car that was going to be similar to the job I would do at WorldSkills so I spent a couple of days on that to prepare for the competition, and I also got a certificate with a car liner. My favourite part of the WorldSkills experience was the opportunity to work alongside the leaders of the trade and refine my skills.”

Though Damien will miss the heat and beaches of Australia, he is looking forward to his UK trip in September where he will be working with Clark and Carter Restorations restoring old cars. He hopes to refine and develop his quality finishing techniques.

Fast facts

  • Three words that best describe you: “Loyal, reliable, passionate.”
  • The best UK saying that you know: “Truth be told, I’m a bit miffed.”
  • The funniest question you expect to be asked about Australia: “‘Have you ever seen a drop bear?”