Alex Schmidt

3D Digital Game Art

WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

  • Region Perth North
  • Employer Aurecon
  • Training Institute North Metropolitan TAFE
  • Supported by CBA

Alex is doing what most of us dream of achieving – turning their passion into a career. As with many people his age, Alex, grew up surrounded by gaming as well as constantly tinkering with systems and computers.

“This inspired me to take on this skill. When I first found it, it was difficult but rewarding, I was hooked almost immediately. Now my career goals are to either join, or start a game development company, and put my heart and soul into meaningful experiences, stretching the medium as far as I can, to show what it is truly capable of,” he said.

Alex chose to study 3D gaming by vocational training rather than University because “it is so much more hands on”.

Alex also praises the lecturers and mentors who work personally with him, and his fellow students, to help them improve and grow.

Alex says his WorldSkills Australia journey has assisted him in several job interviews as it is an experience he can draw from and hold up as an accomplishment.

“Personally, I believe that WorldSkills Australia has helped me to grow into a better-rounded individual. The experience of competing and meeting so many people from different skills and walks of life really puts things into perspective,” he said.

Alex Schmidt is supported by:


David Bartolo

David Bartolo has always been passionate about film animation and sound.  This led him into working and teaching at TAFE NSW – Sydney in multi-media and now Digital 3D Game Art.

He volunteers with WorldSkills as he enjoys helping his students be the best they can be, and seeing first-hand how their journey makes them better designers as well as being more rounded people.