Mitchell Edwards

How did you get into the industry?
I started my apprenticeship in 2005 after completing and enjoying two weeks of work experience with my current employer, Ivan John Mesaric.

Would you recommend a trade/skill based career to others?
Yes, definitely, it%27s a great experience and has the potential to open doors for other opportunities.

How has WorldSkills Australia helped you so far personally & professionally?
The WSA competitions have assisted in developing and widening my range of skills to apply to my job, I also feel more confident in my trade.

Would you recommend others participate in the WorldSkills Competitions?
Yes, as I have really enjoyed the experiences and opportunities that have been given to me. I am pleased to be building on my skills to better myself and further my career.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
It is a good feeling to see a job well finished.

What do you hope to achieve in both short and long terms of your career?
In the short term I would like to finish my apprenticeship and in the long term I would like to become a teacher or ‘boss%27 in the joinery trade.

Hunter Regional Competition 2007: Gold
National Competition 2008: Gold


Steve Bulman

Steve runs his own business, Westside Joinery, in Melbourne. He has been a part of WorldSkills Australia since 1993, as a Designer, Judge and Chief Judge on both the Regional and National level. Steve aims to give Mitchell every chance of bringing home a medal. His advice to Mitchell and the Skillaroos is to treat this as an absolute opportunity of a lifetime, avoid thinking %22could have, should have, would have%22 and know that you are carrying your family, your trainers, employers and the Nation%27s expectations on your shoulders and know that it%27s an honour to do so.