Jessie-Lee Gladwell

Beauty Therapy

Best of Nation

How did you get into the industry?
An eyebrow wax changed everything! One of the therapists told me of a ‘trainee%27 position that was available, so I thought I%27d give it a go. Now I can%27t see myself ever doing anything else.

Would you recommend a trade/skill based career to others?
Absolutely! Beauty is such a diverse career there are so many options after doing your diploma course. You can travel the world on a cruise ship, open your own salon or specialise in a favourite area.

How has WorldSkills Australia helped you so far personally & professionally?
This has been a fantastic opportunity. Since participating in the Regional and National Competition I have recommended it to all the students at the academy and have encouraged other therapists to get involved. Training for the National WorldSkills Competition has really helped to refine my skills as a therapist and develop my confidence. I made a lot of wonderful friends and I came to realise just how much talent Australia%27s got to offer.

Would you recommend others participate in the WorldSkills Competitions?
Absolutely! The experience you gain through WorldSkills is fantastic. It was an eye opener to see the level of talent and how competitive the industry can really be. The friends you make are irreplaceable and the opportunities are unbelievable.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The diversity; every client has a different treatment to the last, they always have a new story to tell you, and you%27ll always learn something new each day. You%27ll never find yourself doing the same thing day in, day out.

What do you hope to achieve in both short and long terms of your career?
In the short term I hope to excel in the International Competition and train more intensively to prepare. In the long term, work my way around the world and learn different techniques used in salons and spas. Also I would like to pursue a teaching career and pass my skills and experiences onto the next generation of therapists and inspire them to work, travel and realise their full potential as I am doing so through WSA.

North Queensland Regional Competition 2007: Gold
National Competition 2008: Gold


Sue Collins

Sue is Director, Principal and Teacher at Cairns Beauty Academy. She has been a judge on all Regional, National and International levels since the Beauty Category%27s inception in 1999. She is Deputy Expert for the Beauty Therapy International category. Sue believes the experience of not just winning but competing in the International Competition is invaluable for the Skillaroos. Her goal is to provide Jessie the best possible chance for success.