Jim D’Elboux

Industrial Control

  • Region Macquarie
  • Employer Cobar Management Pty Ltd / CSA Mine

Training Institute: TAFE NSW Western Institute, Dubbo Campus
Qualification: Certificate III in Electrotechnology-Electrician
National Results: Gold Medal

Skillaroo Jim D’Elboux is a talented professional that enjoys the hands-on aspect of his trade.

How would you describe yourself in five terms or less?
Aussie, male, 20, electrician, determined.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love the broad range of work I do – from installing a light switch to being 1.6km underground pulling in a cable. There is always something new to learn and a new challenge each day. Each time you install something or repair something, you get the satisfaction of standing back and watching it work.

Would you recommend your trade to others?
Yes, I would recommend my trade to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and enjoys problem solving. You do a range of tasks from design, installation and maintenance on a broad range of infrastructure. There is a good balance between working with your head and your hands.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of pursuing a career via a vocational education and training pathway?
I believe one of the big benefits is that Australia and the rest of the world demand these skills. Therefore, it provides good job security and opportunities with decent pay. Also, not everyone is cut out to sit in an office all day or go to university.

How has WorldSkills Australia assisted you both personally and professionally?
Throughout my WorldSkills Australia journey, I have had the opportunity to meet a whole network of like-minded people. WorldSkills Australia has helped me develop my skills much faster than usual and learn new skills I would not have learnt without the experience. It also helped me walk into a full-time job as a tradesman at the completion of my apprenticeship.

How do you feel about representing Australia in São Paulo, Brazil?
Representing my country will be the single best honour in my life. I don’t think you could explain the opportunity to show who I am, where I am from and what I can do, the chance to honour everyone who has helped me get to where I am – in any other way but proud.


Dave Arnold

A mentor for over three decades, International Expert in Industrial Control, Dave Arnold is a passionate professional with a keen interest in nurturing the next generation of electricians.

How long have you been involved with WorldSkills Australia?
31 years.

Why have you chosen to volunteer your time with WorldSkills Australia?
I welcome the opportunity to work with like-minded people and to assist young people achieve their best in their vocation.

Describe how your involvement with WorldSkills Australia has benefited you personally and professionally.
I have developed an international network of experts. WorldSkills Australia has increased my job satisfaction and ability to analyse job tasks.

Would you recommend others to get involved in WorldSkills Australia competitions? What advice would you give them?
Yes – give it your best shot!

What advice would you give to the 2015 Skillaroos?
This is a lifetime opportunity. Don’t waste it!