Dale Fisher

Training Institute: RMIT University, City Campus
Qualification: Certificate IV in Printing & Graphic Arts
National Results: Silver Medal

Skillaroo Dale Fisher’s talent and creativity have already helped him build a great professional reputation.

How would you describe yourself in five terms or less?
A good kind of strange.

How did you first get involved in your industry?
I have always enjoyed creating things. Growing up, I was always drawing, building and making things using any materials I could find. Leaving high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and I just picked a course that I thought sounded interesting. It was there at RMIT where I started developing an interest in design and realised I could do something I really enjoyed for a living.

Would you recommend your trade to others?
I would! I love what I do, even at the times where it may be difficult or stressful. The field of graphic design has become so broad that there are so many different things that people can make and work on. It is a field that is always changing and developing.

How has WorldSkills Australia assisted you both personally and professionally?
WorldSkills Australia has assisted me personally by providing me with opportunities and training that I would not normally have had access to. Professionally, WorldSkills Australia has helped me with my confidence in dealing with clients and the knowledge I have gained is applied in my work daily. Since competing, I have found it my job easier and my confidence in performing that job has improved greatly.

Would you recommend others to participate in a WorldSkills Australia competition? What advice would you give them?
Absolutely! Participating in the 2014 National Competition has helped me tremendously with my skill levels and confidence. WorldSkills Australia has provided me with opportunities and training that I would never have had access to normally. I would tell anyone looking to participate in a WorldSkills Australia competition to take their training seriously and work hard at it. It is rare to get these opportunities, and it is absolutely worth dedicating your time to.

How do you feel about representing Australia in São Paulo, Brazil?
I’m not even sure I can describe how I feel about it. Thinking about it, it is such an amazing opportunity and I can hardly believe it.


Sarah Jones

Having started as a competitor herself, Deputy Chief Expert in Graphic Design Technology, Sarah Jones is passionate about nurturing the next generation of trades and skills talent.

How long have you been involved with WorldSkills Australia?
13 years.

Why have you chosen to volunteer your time with WorldSkills Australia?
I want to share my knowledge and skills with others so that they can be successful in their careers. I love to help people achieve and grow.

Describe how your involvement with WorldSkills Australia has benefited you personally and professionally.
I was the youngest teacher ever employed by my department – this was a direct result of me winning a gold medal at the 37th WorldSkills Competition in 2003. I gained a great deal of confidence and life skills throughout my time as a competitor, which gave me faith in my abilities and helped me to become a better teacher and trainer.

Would you recommend others to get involved in WorldSkills Australia competitions? What advice would you give them?
Yes, any role within WorldSkills Australia will give you a great deal of satisfaction. My advice is that a great deal of passion is needed to be a successful competitor. In regards to becoming involved in a judging role: You will be able to benchmark against others, as well as become part of a network of like-minded people that are passionate about their industry.

What advice would you give to the 2015 Skillaroos?
Don’t have any regrets – you only get one chance to compete internationally, so make it count! The worst thing you can do is think after the competition, “If only I’d spent more time training!”