Karl Geue


  • Region
  • Employer Kingston Kabinets

Training Institute: TAFE SA, Mount Gambier Campus
Qualification: Certificate III in Cabinetmaking
National Results: Gold Medal

Skillaroo Karl Geue is a determined professional with a keen, creative eye for detail.

How would you describe yourself in five terms or less?
Quiet achiever, hardworking and reliable.

How did you first get involved in your industry?
I first began participating in woodwork classes in Year 8 at Kingston Community School and continued right throughout my schooling. I then undertook work placement at Kingston Kabinets in Year 10 for one week and really enjoyed this experience. As a result, I was offered an apprenticeship.

What do you find most challenging about your job?
The most challenging aspect of fine cabinetry is the precision and accuracy that goes into every piece of timber. To achieve a high quality result, there are a lot of different tools which you need to be confident when using. Also, deciphering the detailed plans and measurements for every piece of timber can be challenging when working within time frames.

How has WorldSkills Australia assisted you both personally and professionally?
WorldSkills Australia has allowed me to meet new people both in the cabinetmaking industry and beyond. I have also travelled to many places in Australia and overseas which I would have never done had I not been given this opportunity. Jason Hindes (my WorldSkills Australia Training Manager) and TAFE lecturer Dean have allowed me to perfect my skills and learn new techniques beyond my day-to-day work as an apprentice.

Would you recommend others to participate in a WorldSkills Australia competition? What advice would you give them?
Yes I would. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and travel. If you are willing to work hard and commit to learning more about your trade, then I would definitely recommended WorldSkills Australia to others.

How do you feel about representing Australia in São Paulo, Brazil?
I am honoured to represent Australia in Brazil at the 43rd WorldSkills Competition. It is a privilege that competitions such as this are available to trades men and women to showcase their skills. Very few people have the chance to represent their country at an international level, so this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Jason Hindes

Passionate about timber and its use in furniture-making, Chief Expert in Cabinetmaking, Jason Hindes enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for his industry.

How long have you been involved with WorldSkills Australia?
20 years.

Why have you chosen to volunteer your time with WorldSkills Australia?
Having been a competitor, I loved the experience wanted to keep helping more of my respective tradespeople succeed and become the best in the world.

Describe how your involvement with WorldSkills Australia has benefited you personally and professionally.
I was self-employed before I competed, so WorldSkills Australia helped my career / business take off. It gave me confidence, directed me towards a teaching role for many years and finally, as Chief International Expert, is allowing me to give back.

Would you recommend others to get involved in WorldSkills Australia competitions? What advice would you give them?
Get off the couch and prove your skills!

What advice would you give to the 2015 Skillaroos?
Never give up.