Guy Brooks


“Competing in WorldSkills Australia competitions has helped me greatly with time management.  I now strive to do my best in all aspects of life.”

Guy’s initial interest in the welding industry developed while he was still at school.   Choosing metal work as a school subject elective proved to be an immensely enjoyable experience that started him thinking about working in that area. Guy went on to do work experience through his high school at K&R Fabrications, where he is now currently employed.

Guy believes that trades are the way to go for anyone who is interested in working in a practical and hands-on working environment, “tradespeople are required all over the world and they provide people with the potential to learn new things continuously.”  He also believes that anyone who can should compete in WorldSkills Competitions as the opportunities and the experiences are endless.

In his job Guys enjoys the ability to take his skills anywhere in the world. He likes that every day brings new projects, challenges and successes.

In the short term Guy aspires to win a Gold Medal at the WorldSkills International Competition London UK 2011 and he is excited to be representing Australia.  In the future Guy would like to become a welding inspector and to undertake QC work.

Favourite motto?
Go hard or go home.

In one word describe how you feel about representing Australia in London?


Paul Condron

Paul is employed at BlueScope Steel as a Senior Welding/Fabrication Inspector – a position offered to him after competing at the WorldSkills International Competition Osaka 1985. After achieving a fourth place as a world competitor, Paul has been both Expert and Chief Expert for WorldSkills International Competitions since 1999 in Montreal, Canada and will continue as Chief Expert in London. Paul%27s goal is to share his knowledge and experience to provide competitors the best chance to succeed and believes the skills and experiences they obtain through WorldSkills will be with them forever.