Michael Ashton

“WorldSkills Australia has given me the opportunity to meet many new people and the chance to make lifelong friendships. It has been an unbelievable experience and it will be something I will never forget. Professionally WorldSkills has helped me hone my skills and better myself as a tradesman. I am certain the recognition I’ve received will enhance my job prospects in the future.”

Michael has grown up with a family background in the construction industry. He says he has “never had any aspirations to become anything else.   My brother (2009 Skillaroo, Shane Ashton) and I are 4th generation construction steelworkers.”

Michael says he would definitely recommend for others to compete in WorldSkills Competitions, “WorldSkills is a life changing experience and it is something that you will remember for the rest of your life! I have already and will continue to spread the word about WorldSkills.”

In the short term, Michael endeavours to stay with the company that has given him the opportunities to train for and compete in the WorldSkills competitions. Michael says he is not sure what the future holds for him yet and he will take the time to sum up his options after the completion of the WorldSkills International Competition.

At the International Competition Michael is most looking forward to showcasing Australia’s skills and showing the rest of the world what Australia is capable of.

Favourite Motto? 
Actions speak louder than words.

In one word describe how you feel about representing Australia in London?


John Sharples

John is a teacher at TAFE NSW- Illawarra Institute, North Wollongong Campus and has been involved with WorldSkills Australia for many years, engaging in various roles- from organising Regional Competitions, being involved in State Training Camps and was a Chief Judge in the 2008 and 2010 WorldSkills Australia National Competition. His advice to the Skillaroos is to “play hard but fair and do your very best, win or lose- be proud of what you have achieved.”