Micheal Theobald

“Personally it has been a great confidence booster. I’m finding myself doing things that are way out of my comfort zone thanks to WorldSkills. Professionally WorldSkills Australia has taught me better PR skills and a more professional sense of communication.”

A work experience stint in high school encouraged Micheal to look into the electrical industry.   Through participating in work experience in various trades, Micheal discovered that the electrical trade was perfect for him.

Micheal would recommend a trade to others.  He believes that with today’s trade shortage it brings great opportunities and rewards to those who enter the industry.

Michael strongly encourages others to participate in WorldSkills Competitions, “what better way to showcase your skills than to represent your country.  Very few people are privileged enough to represent their nation in anything; however you have the opportunity do this through participating in WorldSkills competitions.”

In the short term Michael looks forward to winning a Gold Medal for Australia. In the long term he would love to venture into a specialist area of the trade such as P.L.C Programming.

Favourite motto? 
Cheers mate.

In one word describe how you feel about representing Australia in London?


Brent Butler

Brent is a toolmaker at the Research School of Earth Sciences at the Australian National University. Brent won a Gold Medal at the WorldSkills International Competition Helsinki 2005 in the Manufacturing Team Challenge category. He was also Chief Judge at the WorldSkills Australia National Competition Sydney 2008 in the CAM category and MTC Expert at the WorldSkills International Competition Calgary Canada 2009. As Expert of MTC, Brent%27s aim is to help the three MTC competitors reach their full potential. Brent%27s advice to the MTC Competitors is to %22work hard during your preparation and training as it%27s amazing how quick the competition comes around.%22