Andrew Moore

Andrew competed in the Manufacturing Team Challenge event, which is a three member team comprising of Brent Butler (NSW), Robert Peel (VIC) and Andrew. The team was required to design and build an electric powered scooter, including all electrical and mechanical components. In the lead up to Helsinki the team received invaluable advice from the 2003 Australian International Silver Medal winners about how to cope with the pressure of competition, effective training practices and how ‘to get’ that elusive gold medal. The dedication, hard work and advice paid off because this time round the gold medal was not so elusive, Andrew and his team mates were awarded the Gold Medal in the Manufacturing Team Challenge. Andrew feels that his success stems from his desire to” …represent his country and showcase the high skill level of Australian trades people.” Andrew is a prime example of where drive and determination can lead you and serves as an excellent ambassador to Australia.

2005 – Gold Medal, 38th WorldSkills International Competition