David Robilliard

David has always enjoyed working with his hands which is what led him to a trade based career. David was offered a plumbing apprenticeship and immediately took up the offer. “I was offered an apprenticeship in the plumbing industry and took the job to see if I would enjoy it and I loved it from day one, still do in fact.” David loves a challenge and spent seven months training hard in the lead up to his biggest career challenge to date – tackling the world’s best young plumbers. David received a Medallion of Excellence for being in the top 10% of his category. David credits his faith in god, his strong family support and the excellent mentoring he receives from his TAFE teachers and Grant Stewart his industry expert as the driving force behind his success. David is now looking ahead to new challenges such as opening his own business.

2005 – Awarded Medallion of Excellence, 38th WorldSkills International Competition