Bailey Loenneker

Refrigeration and Air conditioning

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

Help Bailey compete in Lyon

Since childhood, Bailey Loenneker has had a fascination with practical tasks. This affinity for hands-on learning led to him to feel disconnected from the traditional high classroom experience, prompting him to leave school at the end of year 11 to pursue a skill-based trade.

 It was air conditioning and refrigeration that piqued Bailey’s interest and his abilities soon caught the attention of his TAFE teacher, who encouraged him to take his trade to the next level through WorldSkills Australia. His teacher’s belief proved to be founded, with Bailey medalling at both the Regional and National competitions and making the Skillaroo team for Lyon 2024.

The support of Bailey’s family has been a cornerstone of his successful journey. Their encouragement and faith in his potential have been instrumental in his pursuit of excellence. Bailey’s mentor, Jack, has also been a crucial figure in his WorldSkills journey, offering guidance and resources that have helped Bailey hone his skills and prepare for the challenges of the competition.

Outside his professional life, Bailey enjoys riding motorbikes recreationally with his family, a hobby that provides him with a break from work and helps manage stress, maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

“My family have been very supportive of my journey throughout WorldSkills and helping me to navigate my way after leaving school. I feel very lucky to have that relationship with them.”


Expert – Carl Balke

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