Nellie Holder

Graphic Design Technology

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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In a world of single use plastics and other environmentally damaging packaging, Nellie Holder is on a mission to rethink how we approach sustainable design. As a graphic designer, she is at the forefront of exploring innovative materials and packaging types to create a greener, smarter future.

A true creative, Nellie enjoys illustration, reading, and crafts like crocheting. These hobbies not only help her to relax, they also engage her imagination and creativity, serving as a constant source of inspiration for her work.

Nellie’s mentor has been a huge support for her on her WorldSkills journey. From helping her to channel her nerves into a positive force, to emphasising the importance of test prints that can highlight issues not immediately apparent in the design process, her mentor has helped her build on her natural talent and drive to succeed.

“In my competition journey I have had to deal with anxiety about whether my work would be good enough and whether I belong. Those fears just motivated me to work harder, develop and refine my skills, and be my best so that I can hold my head high.”

Graphic Design Team

Expert – Brendan Hibbert

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