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WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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As a child, Will’s family knew that if something electronic or mechanical went missing from around the house, it could be found in Will’s room, in pieces, with the budding engineer trying to understand how it all worked. Will’s fascination with dissecting machines grew stronger as he got older, and now he’s found his perfect match in the world of Mechatronics.

Will’s WorldSkills journey has been highly successful, but not without its challenges. Just two weeks before the Nationals, Will’s teammate pulled out of the competition, leaving his future uncertain. After a stressful few days, a new teammate was found and the pair began an intensive training course. As testament to their teamwork and ability, the newly acquainted teammates went on to win gold.

Will was introduced to the WorldSkills Australia program while studying at Swinburn University of Technology. After some coaxing by friends, family, and trainers, Will took the plunge and set out on a journey that’s taken him further than he’d ever thought possible. For Will, the networking and interpersonal skills he’s developed have been just as rewarding as the hard skills he’s picked up from his mentor.

“When I’m not assembling conveyors or connecting sensors as part of my training, you might find me spending my time with friends and family, making electronic music, or skateboarding at some of Melbourne’s great spots. That healthy balance of work and play is important to me.”

Expert – Damien Sinclair

Mechatronics Team


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