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WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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Jasmine Cecchini’s journey in beauty therapy, deeply rooted in family influence and personal ambition, began when she was 19 years old, apprenticing in her mother’s salon. This early immersion in the world of beauty therapy provided Jasmine not only with valuable hands-on experience but also a strong foundation in the field.

Jasmine has shown remarkable dedication to her craft, completing her apprenticeship by the age of 21 and winning gold at the WorldSkills Australia Nationals. And while her busy work and training schedule takes up much of her time, the synergy between both allows her to apply her learning in a practical setting and refine her techniques.

Looking forward, Jasmine has ambitious goals. She aspires to open her own business and work overseas, aiming to showcase her talent on an international scale. Her immediate focus, however, lies on Lyon 2024, where she is poised to further demonstrate her proficiency in beauty therapy and hopefully extend her list of accolades.

“Watching my mum work as hard as she did as a single mum, instilled in me a good work ethic and has had a profound impact on how I approach my career and personal development.”

Beauty Therapy Team

Expert – Naomi Zadow

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