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With a passion for all things creative, Naomi Auguirre entering the field of floristry was not particularly surprising. Her journey into WorldSkills began after competing in a local competition, where her talent for colour and texture combinations was first recognised.

This early exposure sparked her ambition to make a name for herself in the floristry world. Unlike many in her field, Naomi didn’t start in a traditional setting but has turned her initial interest into a serious career pursuit.

Mentors like Greg Milner, Dayne Robinson, and David Berger have been instrumental in her professional development, offering practical advice and helping to build her confidence to trust her intuitions when it comes to both inspiration and execution. Naomi views each floral arrangement as an opportunity to tell a story, infusing her artistic sensibilities into her work. Her passion for creativity extends beyond floristry to painting and drawing, enriching her designs.

As she prepares for international competitions, her focus is clear: to excel in floristry and leave a lasting impact in the field.

“A piece of advice that I have received over the course of my training that stands out to me most is ‘a good florist can make something out of nothing’ and I bring that mentality to work with me every day.”


Expert – David Berger

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