Dylan Redman

Electrical Installations

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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  • Region Gold Coast
  • Employer Blitz Electrical Contracting
  • Training Institute TAFE Queensland
  • Supported by Queensland Government

Dylan Redman is breaking new ground as the first in his family to enter the electrical industry, carrying with him a legacy of hard work and determination.

Electrical installation offers endless opportunities, a fact that Dylan is keenly aware of as technology advances at a phenomenal rate. This awareness drives him to sharpen his skills constantly, aiming to bring home the best results and pave the way for a successful career in the industry.

Dylan’s mentor, Todd Bell, plays a significant role in his professional growth. Todd’s knowledge and guidance have been essentially in Dylan’s success at the WorldSkills Australia Regional and National competitions and have prepared him for the challenges that lie ahead in Lyon.

Combining the entrepreneurial spirit of his mother, who runs her own business, and the practical skills of his father, who’s skilled in the mining industry, Dylan approaches his trade with a unique perspective. His parents have instilled in him the value of dedication and the importance of skill – a combination that Dylan carries into every project he undertakes.

“I chose to enter the Electrical industry because the opportunities are endless. There will always be a career pathway in this industry as the world become more dependent on electricity.”

Electrical Installation Team

Expert – Todd Bell

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