Hannah Gerritsen


WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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  • Region Illawarra
  • Employer Belinda's Hair Creations
  • Training Institute TAFE NSW West Wollongong
  • Supported by TAFE NSW

Hannah Gerritsen’s approach to hairdressing is rooted in genuine passion and practical experience. From a young age, she would watch online tutorials and then practice new techniques on friends and family. This motivation and desire to learn has been integral to her development as a stylist.

The support of her employer, alongside Janelle, her TAFE teacher, has been crucial to Hannah’s professional journey, particularly in preparing for the challenges of competitive hairdressing at events like the WorldSkills Australia competitions. Their mentorship extended beyond professional advice, embodying an unwavering belief in her potential.

Despite facing sceptics who questioned her decision to leave school for an apprenticeship, Hannah’s conviction in her chosen path remained unshaken, strengthened by the faith shown by her parents and mentors in the industry. Their support has been a constant, instilling in her the confidence that’s helped her on her path to Lyon 2024.

In her day-to-day interactions, Hannah values the connections she forms with her clients. She appreciates the trust they place in her, not just in crafting their appearance but in sharing personal stories during their sessions. This aspect of her work is not just a job but a responsibility she takes seriously, shaping her approach to customer service and her understanding of the role a hairdresser plays in a client’s life.

“My personal goal was to make it to Nationals and finish every task given, no matter the outcome, and winning was a bonus. I plan to have this same mindset for Lyon. To produce work that my supporters and I can be proud of.”

Hairdressing Team

Expert – Donna Demaria

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