Joseph Cramp

Construction Metal Work

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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Growing up with a mechanic father and working with steel while at school, Joseph Cramp’s foray into the field of construction steel work was a natural progression. His choice to specialise in welding, despite being the only welder in his family, demonstrates his independence and affinity for the trade.

Joseph’s TAFE teacher played a pivotal role in his career path, encouraging him to participate in WorldSkills, a decision that has proven to be transformative for Joseph, thanks to the rapid opportunities for growth and skill development the program has offered.

Joseph benefits from the guidance of two mentors: Chris Parker, his TAFE teacher, and Michael, his WorldSkills mentor based in Tasmania. He dedicates one day a week to train for eight hours with Chris, while maintaining regular communication with Michael through phone and email. This mentorship has been instrumental in preparing him for higher levels of competition and enhancing his professional capabilities.

Heading into Lyon 2024, Joeseph has dedicated nearly all of his free time to honing his skills – and with the support and insights of his mentors, he feels ready for the challenge.

“Originally, I did struggle with the training demands of WorldSkills and making the time for training whilst working full-time. With the guidance of my family and mentors, I was able to balance everything and overcome these challenges.”

Construction Metal Work Team

Expert – Michael Schnackenberg

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