Michael Bowen

Industrial Mechanics

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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  • Region Illawarra
  • Employer QinetiQ Air Affairs
  • Training Institute TAFE NSW Wollongong
  • Supported by TAFE NSW

Michael Bowen’s first encounter with the world of Industrial Mechanics occurred during a TAFE open day. From that initial moment, which resonated with his lifelong fascination with understanding how things work, Michael threw himself into the field and has never looked back.

Forgoing traditional schooling in favour of home education, Michael’s learning was tailored to his skills and interests – in particular, hands-on experience. This self-directed educational route may have been somewhat unconventional, but it equipped him with a keen understanding of mechanical systems and a clear vision for his professional trajectory.

Competing in WorldSkills was a strategic move for Michael, providing a platform to not only test his abilities but to also gain exposure and experience in the diverse fields of his trade, guided by the best the industry has to offer. Michael’s mentor, David Baldwin, has been a source of inspiration and guidance, offering insights drawn from a wealth of experience in competitions and a deep understanding of the trade.

While competing at Lyon 2024, Michael has some clear goals: to push himself and learn as much as possible about industrial mechanics and to forge connections with his colleagues from around the world.

“WorldSkills has really pushed me to advance my skills in many areas. Some of the hardest obstacles encountered are in the training processes, however these problems remind me of my goals.”

Expert – David Baldwin

Industrial Mechanics Team

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