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Additive Manufacturing

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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From a young age, Gervase Voss showed a clear inclination towards engineering. His early days were spent assembling Meccano sets and building miniature machines, an activity that seamlessly merged into his academic and career choices. Pursuing engineering at RMIT was a natural progression for Gervase.

To gain more experience while studying, Gervase began working for an underground construction company, allowing him to further immerse himself in the practical world of engineering. During a pivotal class project, Gervase was introduced to RMIT’s additive manufacturing facilities, sparking a keen interest in 3D printing. Eager to develop his skills beyond the constraints of his coursework, Gervase invested in a 3D printer for home use, allowing him to experiment and improve in his own time.

His exploration into 3D printing led to the successful creation of several working motor models, and his efforts were recognised when his teacher invited him to compete in WorldSkills Australia. Gervase and his team won gold at the Regional level and went on to secure medals at the Nationals.

Now a mechanical engineering bachelor’s student and continuing his work as a draftsperson, Gervase has also joined the Skillaroos team, marking another milestone on his journey.

“From a young age I’ve been obsessed with engineering concepts, so to pursue a career in an industry that I’m passionate about felt natural.”

Additive Manufacturing Team

Expert – Vettrivel Chinnadurai

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