Jacob Dixon

Wall & Floor Tiling

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  • Region Perth North
  • Training Institute North Metropolitan Tafe
  • Supported by Government of Western Australian

From the moment Jacob Dixon completed his first tiling project at his TAFE’s Try a Trade expo, he was hooked. Seeing it all come together was incredibly rewarding and he soon found himself wanting to learn more about techniques and theory.

Since that fateful day, Jacob has grown both his skills and knowledge and racked up several achievements, most notably winning gold at the 2023 Nationals. Jacob enjoys a bit of healthy competition and is driven by those around him, whether in competition or in the workforce.

Jacob’s WorldSkills journey has shifted his entire mindset around skills excellence. Now, instead of seeing tiling as a job, he sees it as a chance to be among the world’s best at something – and he’s going to give it his all in Lyon.

“My motivation to succeed is fuelled by this being a super rare opportunity that I owe it to myself to make the most of.”

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