Ross Colquhoun

Automotive Technology

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  • Region Mid Coast
  • Training Institute TAFE NSW Coffs Harbour - CHEC

When Ross Colquhoun turned his focus to automotive technology, it wasn’t just a career choice; it was a tribute to resilience and an ode to his late father. Having long joked that cars are easier to understand than people, Ross’ father’s passing ignited in him a drive for mechanics and set him on a path that would see him represent Australia at Lyon 2024.

Ross’s journey in automotive technology began with a TAFE course that turned out to be an eye-opener, leading him to pursue a full-time apprenticeship and, later, to the competitive stage of WorldSkills. His ambition is fuelled by a desire to push his limits and to soak in as much knowledge about his industry as possible. But for Ross, it’s also about learning more about himself in the process.

Supported by experienced and passionate\ mentors, including industry stalwarts Kirk and Clint, Ross has been provided with not just training, but an immersive experience into the world of automotive excellence. These mentors have opened doors for Ross, inviting him to industry conventions and events that have helped him see the breadth of opportunities that are out there.

“My goals going into the international competition are to push myself and learn as much as I can about my industry and, in the process, learn more about myself as well.”

Automotive Technology Team