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WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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Competing to be the best in your field can be stressful, but if there’s anyone who knows how to keep cool in a high-pressure environment, it’s Trey McAuley. When not practicing his carpentry skills, Trent is volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority – a calling that has helped given him the drive and focus to succeed.

Trey’s commitment to perfecting his craft can be seen in the sacrifices he’s made to find time to train for the Lyon 2024. After struggling to juggle work and training, he made the decision to quit his casual, after-hours job to dedicate more time to learning new techniques and perfecting those in his arsenal.

Self-belief is an important cornerstone of Trey’s approach to the WorldSkills program. His Mentor has played an integral role in not only passing on tradecraft and critiquing his technique, but in giving Trey what he calls a “gold medal attitude”. It’s with this mentality– visualising success knowing you’ve put in the hard work – that Trey will approach the Internationals and his future career in carpentry.

“Being a volunteer firefighter and serving my community have really shaped me as a person and helped me to be my best while competing at WorldSkills.”

Carpentry Team

Expert – Allen Hill

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