Thomas Bevan

Heavy Vehicle Mechanics

WorldSkills Lyon 2024

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Like many young boys, Tom Bevan was fascinated with trucks. Now an adult, Tom has been fortunate enough to turn that passion into a career path, studying heavy vehicle technology and proving himself to be among the most skilled in the country through the WorldSkills Australia program.

A family tragedy in 2019 led Tom to change his perspective on life.  He began to embrace every day with renewed vigour and determination – a mindset that has influenced his approach to his career and personal pursuits and helped give him the motivation to win gold at the National competition.

Outside of his professional life, Tom is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing, camping, and 4-wheel driving – activities that reflect his adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors. This passion for adventure provides a balanced contrast to his professional endeavours.

“My family and I endured a tragedy in 2019 which really impacted us. I realised tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so I live every day to the fullest. Since then, I’ve chased every opportunity that has been presented to me, including WorldSkills.”

Heavy Vehicle Technology Team

Expert – Raman Badekar

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