Brett Cahill


Training Institute: TAFE NSW South West Sydney Institute, Lidcombe College
Regional Results
: Gold
National Results
: Gold
Certificate lll in Cabinetmaking

“WorldSkills competitions provided me with an unparalleled way of testing my skills under pressure. In addition to this, it also offered an incredible opportunity for me to meet other great tradespeople from across the nation. My experience with WorldSkills has been invaluable.”

Brett was first exposed to the timberwork industry as a child, watching and working with his father. Having always been someone who preferred hands-on learning, after school he decided to pursue a cabinetmaking apprenticeship with CNP Custom Cabinets. The company he is still working with to this day. What Brett enjoys about his trade is learning the useful hand skills required in cabinetmaking which can be transferred across a number of industries.

To Brett, the biggest highlight in his line of work is when he is able to stand back and appreciate a piece he has designed and built himself. Brett lists his father as his mentor in the timberwork industry, “I look up to Dad in all areas, especially in the timberwork area. It was through growing up around him and his skills in timberwork that I started to develop my passion for the industry. He has been a fantastic role model in shaping the career I have today.”

Brett refined his skills in preparation for the International Competition in Leipzig, Germany, and came out with new skills and experiences that he can now apply to his work here in Australia.

Brett has longer term ambitions to remain in the cabinetmaking industry and to pass on his skills to other young apprentices.

In his spare time, Brett likes to work on rebuilding his Australian classic Toyota Land Cruiser, a home project he has been working on since age 15.


Jason Hindes

Jason is a self-employed cabinetmaker and lecturer at TAFE SA. Jason has held many roles within WorldSkills from being an
international competitor in 1989 through to his new role as Chief Expert at the International competition in 2013. Throughout the
entire time he has maintained the title as Australia’s highest achieving cabinetmaker, winning silver at the International Competition held in Birmingham, England in 1989. Jason has acted as the Chief Judge for seven National Competitions as well as Judge at the last four International Competitions. Jason’s advice to Brett and the Skillaroos is, “don’t hold back, ask questions, and train in line with the marking scale. Each of you have the ability to win this competition, there is no international secret to training. Work hard and trust yourself.”