Paul Neumann

Paul represents the Brisbane region, Queensland and is employed by Tom Stoddart in Sunnybank Hills and trained at SkillsTech Australia. The Sheetmetal Work expert is Brian Coleman from All Fab QLD.

Paul enjoyed working alongside his father at home making a variety of security grills, bed frames and rails. In Year 11 he took up a school-based apprenticeship, which has led him to complete a Certificate III in Engineering, Sheet Metal.

Paul won the gold medal at the National 2006 competition and represented Australia at the New Zealand SkillEx Competition in 2006, where he returned with fourth place.

Paul enjoys the challenge in his job and the variety of applications and pathways that the sheetmetal field offers. He believes that the sheetmetal work provides a number of versatile skills that he can apply to other roles if he chooses to move around. Paul currently works at Tom Stoddart’s in Sunnybank Hills and hopes to work his way up to become a supervisor.

His goal to advance in Stoddarts is even more possible now with the help of his recent Medallion of Excellence, which was awarded to him for his skills at the WorldSkills International Competition in Japan.